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Jizhe Ning, deputy head of the leading group of the seventh National Census under The State Council and director of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that census data showed that 18.7 percent of China's population was aged 60 or above, and 13.5 percent of those was aged 65 or above. According to the results of the Fourth Sample Survey on the Living Conditions of China's Urban and Rural Elderly, The number of disabled elderly in China reached 42 million in 2020.Various studies around the world have shown that reasonable care can effectively slow down the development of disability and dementia in the elderly population. However, the burden of care work is often heavy, which significantly affects the physical and mental health of caregivers, resulting in lower level of care and lower quality of life of the elderly.

To cope with the challenge of the aging of the population in China, push forward the all-round development of geriatric rehabilitation and speed up the geriatric rehabilitation standards setting, in the Shanghai International Geriatric-rehabilitation Forum (IGF2022), we will hold the activity, Let's Talk about Caregivers in Geriatric-Rehabilitation, which is centered on " rehabilitation of elderly patients who are cared" and "elderly caregivers" and trough expatiate the themes in the form of diversification to continue to promote the public popularization and academic promotion of geriatric rehabilitation related knowledge.

【Introduction to the Competition System】
1. Form and Time of Competition:
The competition will be held online. The organizer will consider inviting outstanding teams to the 2022 Shanghai International Geriatric-rehabilitation Forum for on-site presentation.

2. Theme of Entries:

The current survey results suggest that China is facing a severe population aging problem, and the resulting care needs of elderly patients and related issues of caregivers (doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, community workers, family members, etc.) deserve our further attention.
Geriatric care includes services for the elderly to maintain physical function, daily life care for the elderly, nursing and rehabilitation for elderly patients, etc.The problems related to the elderly caregivers group include long care time and social alienation, physically and emotionally exhausted due to the particularity of care work, and increased economic pressure due to the sacrifice of work to participate in care, etc. 
Express points ocus on the "rehabilitation of elderly patients who are cared" and/or "elderly caregivers". There is no limit to the specific points or focus, but they should be closely related to the themes. The following points are for reference only:
(1) Talk about the current status of elderly rehabilitation in China.
(2) Talk about what kind of rehabilitation support you think is needed for your ideal old age.
(3) How to be a good caregiver (e.g., what qualities/abilities are needed)?
(4) Talk about the bottleneck of the current elderly care model and your suggestions.
(5) What kind of elderly care model should be formed in hospitals, communities and families?
(6) What are the difficulties of elderly caregivers at present? And How to provide corresponding support for elderly caregivers?

3. Form of Submission:

This competition is divided into three groups of tracks: short video group, text group and design group. Each team can only choose one of the tracks to participate in the competition. The submission form of each track is as follows:
Short video group: video, scene drama and speech
Text group: micro-text and slogan
Design team: hand-painted, posters and handmade works

4. Requirements for Entries:

Short video group: the total video duration should not exceed 3 minutes. Entries should be submitted by mainstream media formats, including MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. The maximum size of the file is 200M. And the original video must be in high-definition format (360P or higher).
Text group: no more than 2000 words. Entries should be submitted by word format. And micro text can be illustrated.
Design group: hand-painted and poster works need to provide pictures of design works. Photos/videos from different angles can be provided for handmade works (photos within 3 photos/videos within 15 seconds). Entries should be submitted by mainstream media formats,
including JPG, MP4, etc. The image resolution must be at least 300dpi and the video must be in high-definition format (1080p or higher).

Note: The entries should be original without personal information such as the author's name and company. All submitted entries are deemed to be the right to use by the organizer.

【Scoring and Scoring Standards】
The ratings are based on online voting and expert ratings. (Online voting accounted for 60% and expert ratings for 40%).
Online voting: the full score is 60 points, based on the number of "votes" on the official website. The points earned base on the number of votes *100*60% (based on the immediate data at the deadline of the competition).
Expert rating: the full score is 40 points. The points earned base on score/highest score of the group *100*40% (25 points for scientific view, 25 points for novelty view, 25 points for value view and 25 points for ornamental work).

【Award Setting】

The short video group, text group and design group are set up one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and three best popularity awards, and certificates will be awarded.

【Registration Requirements】

1. Registration period: from now to August 17, 2022.
2. Participants: experts in various fields, medical workers, college students, etc. can compete as individuals or groups (up to 4 persons).
3. Registration method: register on the official website. For details, please follow the wechat official account "Talking to the World for the Elderly".

IGF2022 The 3rd Shanghai International Geriatric Rehabilitation Forum Conference is divided into offline forums and online forums. For the specific registration process and participation methods, please follow the wechat official account of "Talk to the World for the Elderly" (QR code below) and the website of IGF2022 the 3rd Shanghai International Geriatric Rehabilitation Forum Conference.For further updates, please pay attention to the wechat official account of "Talk to the World for the Elderly". If you have any questions, please leave a message below ~

Hope colleagues can actively participate in the cause of the elderly together!

Exploring Geriatric Rehabilitation with the World
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Important Date

Conference Date: September 17-18, 2022
Opening Ceremony: September 17, 2022
Closing Ceremony: September 18, 2022



Conference website:www.igf2022.cn

Conference credits: 10 credits for Category I

Contact email:igf2022official@163.com

Official WeChat: Talking with the world about old age


Conference Date: September 17-18, 2022

Opening Ceremony: September 17, 2022

Closing ceremony: September 18, 2022

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