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In order to meet the challenges of national aging, improve the health level of the elderly throughout the whole cycle, and promote the standardization, evidence-based, community-based and information-based rehabilitation of the elderly, The Chinese Society for Rehabilitation Medicine and Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University will hold the 3rd Shanghai International Geriatric-rehabilitation Forum IGF2022 at the National Regional Medical Center (Fujian Hospital of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University) on September 17-18, 2022 . Adhering to the conference purpose of "talking with the world about geriatrics" and focusing on the theme of "geriatric rehabilitation standards", the forum gathers well-known rehabilitation medical institutions, research institutes and social groups at home and abroad, and invites well-known experts in the field of geriatric rehabilitation at home and abroad to jointly build a high-end brand of international and high-quality geriatric rehabilitation academic conference.
The " Geriatric rehabilitation down the nib " excellent paper competition held online in this forum includes excellent paper speech and excellent wall display, collecting excellent research results, presenting and communicating during the conference, and selecting excellent paper awards. Set up the traditional rehabilitation field of "elderly neurological disease rehabilitation, elderly bone and joint system disease rehabilitation, elderly cardiopulmonary disease rehabilitation, new geriatric rehabilitation technology, geriatric nursing and family rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation evidence-based medicine, and hospice care" and other rehabilitation related theme boards. It can involve but not limited to neuroregulation technology, mirror therapy, new rehabilitation AIDS, virtual reality and other cutting-edge issues and rehabilitation technologies. The related papers of rehabilitation nursing, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and other emerging directions which are booming in recent years can also be actively contributed to us. In addition, we also set up sections on family ethics and philosophy, such as "The role of the elderly in the family" and "How to get along between the old, middle-aged and young people". Finally, we will conduct the selection of excellent papers and outstanding posters, providing a platform for the majority of rehabilitation colleagues to exchange research experience and achievements.

The subject and object of the call for papers

Filling the theme:Including but not limited to the following content: elderly nervous system diseases, diseases of the elderly joint system rehabilitation, elderly cardiovascular disease rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation of new technologies such as brain-computer interface technology and VR technology, mirror technology, aged care and family rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation of evidence-based medicine, and hospice care, family ethics, philosophy, etc.
Filling object: Clinical/rehabilitation physician, rehabilitation therapist, nursing staff, geriatric rehabilitation related researchers/engineering technicians/graduate students, social science workers/graduate students, etc.

Submission guidelines

1) The paper should be innovative and scientific, and the full text has not been published in the journal.
2) The submission document should contain: title, author's information (name, unit), abstract (no more than 500 words), keywords, pictures and tables can be attached. The research abstract should contain four parts: objective, method, result and conclusion.
3) There are two forms of submission: oral presentation and e-poster.
4) Shortlisted outstanding papers (including conference presentations and posters) must complete registration and participate in the live presentation, poster presentation and award evaluation.
Method of submission: This conference only accepts contributions from the website: IGF official website of the official account of "Talking to the World for the Elderly", and does not accept email or paper submitted.
Deadline for Submission:
Until August 22 (Note: The Third Shanghai International Geriatric Rehabilitation Forum, the forum date is September 17-18, 2022).

Sincerely welcome all colleagues to participate in the submission, focus on the elderly rehabilitation standards, promote the development of the elderly rehabilitation cause!

Exploring Geriatric Rehabilitation with the World
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Important Date

Conference Date: September 17-18, 2022
Opening Ceremony: September 17, 2022
Closing Ceremony: September 18, 2022



Conference website:www.igf2022.cn

Conference credits: 10 credits for Category I

Contact email:igf2022official@163.com

Official WeChat: Talking with the world about old age


Conference Date: September 17-18, 2022

Opening Ceremony: September 17, 2022

Closing ceremony: September 18, 2022

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