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Dear Fellows, 
During this challenging time while we are fighting against COVID-19, in this summer , from August 21 to 23, we shall have the 1st Shanghai International Geriatric Rehabilitation Forum (IGF2020). IGF2020 is a feast, specifically for Geriatric rehabilitation. During the event, we shall gather together, via on-line live communication, with experts in Geriatrics, and rehabilitation medicine, from over 10 countries, to explore and discuss the topics on aging. In this occasion, I’m very honored to represent National Clinical Research Center for Aging and Medicine (Huashan),  and Hand Function Rehabilitate Committee of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation medicine, and delegate by Geriatric Rehabilitation committee of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation medicine, sincerely welcome all the fellows and friends for this forum! Thank all of you for the support for this forum! 

Aging population is increasing year by year. The needs of rehabilitation for this population is real and huge. However, currently, many flaws in our health-care system exist. For example, the rehabilitation service system is not complete, without related technology support; The available technology service is not for the aging population. The healthcare service is unbalanced in different regions of the country, and not available in many communities. Further, rehabilitation service in many regions are not available due to limited technological and scientific equipment and facilities, severely short of health management. Therefore, it is mandatory for us to establish an internationalized communication platform, propagandizing the knowledge in geriatric rehabilitation and promoting the concept of full-cycling rehabilitation. Meanwhile, this platform is responsible to establish active health-promotion ideas and strategies via developing related world-leading technologies and products, and clinical evidence-based and standardized rehabilitation process.

To meet the challenges of aging population, and promote the development of geriatric rehabilitation, the forum centers on rehabilitation requirements in aging population and covers topics on science and technology in full-cycle rehabilitation for the elderly. The individual subjects include full-cycle rehabilitation in neurological diseases, osteoarticular diseases, cardiopulmonary diseases, new technologies and products, and coordination between rehabilitation and nursing. Moreover, we shall have specific sub-forums: Geriatric rehabilitation in Japan, and in the United Kingdom. For this special forum, a complete stroke-related rehabilitation team from Japan or the United Kingdom will introduce Geriatric rehabilitation from their country. Moreover, we shall have a competition event on papers. In total, eight sub-forums will be hold one by one. We have invited more than 40 key committee members from Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chinese Medical Association Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Branch, Chinese Geriatrics Society, and leaders from National institute of Science and Technology. We have also invited experts from USA, UK, Japan, and Australia to join the forum, sharing the experiences, knowledge and academic research progress in geriatric rehabilitation, aiming for promoting geriatric rehabilitation in China and even the world. 

Meanwhile, reports on the progress of the national key project “Full-Cycle Geriatric Rehab Technology System and Information Management (Project No.2018YFC2002300)”, ands meeting for project promotion cooperation organizations will be hold. We shall also recruit new organizations for this national project. During the forum, we shall have workshops for Lung rehabilitation, urinary and fecal incontinence rehabilitation, and breast cancer rehabilitation. We shall have activities such as “talking on Geriatric Rehabilitation”, “photographing for the old”. Moreover, we shall also have the annual events 2020 for the Geriatric Rehabilitation Committee, Hand Function Committee, under Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine. 

We hope all the academic activities and related events benefit each of you. Again, in this special occasion, I am very honored to represent the organizer of this forum to thank all of you for the support. 

Wish the IGF 2020 a big success. 

Thank you. 

Executive Chairman: Jia Jie
Exploring Geriatric Rehabilitation with the World
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Important Date

Conference Date: August 21-23, 2020
Opening Ceremony: August 21, 2020
Closing Ceremony: August 23, 2020




Conference Credits: 10 credits for category Ⅰ

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Conference Date: August 21-23, 2020

Opening Ceremony: August 21, 2020

Closing Ceremony: August 23, 2020

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